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We are a non-profit organization based in Denmark and we mainly focus on ERASMUS+ projects targeting young people, youth workers and teachers who want to travel, learn and share their culture with others.

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We cover all your expenses in relation to flights, housing and meals during your stay abroad. All our projects are funded by the European Commission, through the ERASMUS+ program.

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Every year we are sending more than 100 participants abroad to broaden their educational horizons, make friends and improve interpersonal skills. Start your journey!

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What to expect

First and foremost, make sure you read the Infopack of the project. There you will find important information about your travel, accommodation as well as daily activities.

The process

Find your project

We have projects within different areas of non-formal education, spread across Europe. Just explore and find the one you like the most! Once you pick one, remember to read first the infopack.


Already made a decision? Now it’s time to fill in the application form. As simple as that! If you have any questions, drop us an email. Our team is here to help you. Always.

Stay in touch

After you get accepted, make sure you keep in touch with us. You will receive further instructions for your trip. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter to be among the first who finds out about upcoming projects.

Upcoming projects

Italy 2

6-15. March

Torri Superiore, ITALY

The choices our communities are making now on their path of recovery will shape the trajectory of sustainable development in the years to come and the use of digital technologies will become crucial in this green transition.

Throughout the project, we aim for the following:

• Raise awareness among young Europeans about the Green Deal and sustainable entrepreneurship
• Develop, in partnership, a digital playbook in English that includes a collection of NFE activities and available resources for youth NGO’s interested in offering local education activities to green and sustainable entrepreneurship in an interactive way.
• Sensitize young people on intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity and promote intercultural learning through non-formal education.


21-29. April
Your case for SUCCESS

GEORGIA, Bakuriani

The general objectives of the project are:
- to promote knowledge about social entrepreneurship and its potential benefits for
young people;
- to encourage entrepreneurship among young people by stimulating resourcefulness and creativity;
- to increase the motivation and leadership skills;
- to equip youth workers and then youth organizations with tools, methodologies, and
techniques to develop projects on the promotion of social entrepreneurship;
- create networking among young people of the EU and Eastern Partnership Countries.


3-11. May
Mainstreaming anti-racism in our societies

Calarreona, SPAIN

Over the years we have realized that often the issue of racism is very misunderstood, and it often happens that people have the attitudes necessary to be anti-racist, but lack the knowledge to apply them. We want to take this necessary action to maintain what we have started, and make anti-racism a trend in our societies. Therefore, we aim to prepare youth workers, trainers, youth leaders for new challenges related to racism, invisible racism and micro-aggressions.


8-17th May


Predeal, ROMANIA

The aim of this youth exchange is to support participants in developing the competences necessary for increasing their interest and commitment for active citizenship participation.

The participants will have the opportunity to:

● Learn more about decision making and public
policy practices within the European Union.
● Simulate and experience the process of
decision making in a community.
● Practice their public speaking and communication skills in mother tongue and
● Interact with and work alongside people of
different nationalities and cultures.


8-16. May

Get your YOUTH on Social Entrepreneurship

Guimarães, PORTUGAL

This project wants to tackle the social exclusion of young people and disintegration in the labor market as a consequence of the absence of key competencies for lifelong learning and entrepreneurial thinking and attitudes.
In addition, the project aims to:

- promote the involvement, connection and
empowerment of young people in a European context;
- promote the training of young people through the development of key competencies for lifelong learningand the adoption of entrepreneurial thoughts and attitudes;


11-15. May

Leadership and empowerment through sports


Young athletes, especially women, often lack in informal and non-formal education. Usually due
to their tight schedule and aggressive trainers that only want them to focus on their money-making success.
That’s why empowering your soft skills and building a team leader spirits is very important,
because you will not use it only in your sport career, but in your social and after sport orientedcareer life too.

Overall, the main objective of the project i to analyze the problems that both men and women face in their sport careers, as well to see the differences in obstacles they have to overcome when it comes to women’s careers.


15-22. May
Get Involved

The aim of the project is to educate young people on how they can support, encourage and promote youth involvement and active participation of young people as a key factor in their personal development and thus leading to increased employability and citizenship prospects for the youth.

This project will enable young people to create new ways of active youth participation in civil society. Participants can learn about good practices and develop new methods to promote youth participation linked to the priorities set in the EU Youth Dialogue.

Italy 2

9-17. June
Women with big dreams

The main aim of this project is to prepare youth workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to foster women entrepreneurship. In this respect, the specific project objectives for youth workers are to discuss the links between the key competencies of entrepreneurship and gender, identify gender issues affecting women in entrepreneurship, to understand potential barriers and other major obstacles to female entrepreneurship, explore the different parts of a business plan and help youth workers acquire important skills and knowledge on how to create and grow a successful business, to provide youth workers with information on EU support tools and opportunities offered by EU programmes to promote female entrepreneurship.





E-entrepreneur team would like to invite you to take an online course via MOODLE platform which aims to provide you with specialized knowledge on e-commerce tools and technologies.

The course contains four modules that cover important topics in relation to e-commerce, digital approaches and youth entrepreneurship.

Learners are asked to pass a 10-question quiz at the end of each module, for a total of four quizzes. Quiz questions are based on the information contained in the corresponding module.

Certificate: Each learner who passes the four quizzes, reaching a 60% of right answers in every quiz, will receive a Certificate of Completion.

E-entrepreneur is a long-term KA2 strategic partnership in the field of youth approved by Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Progamme of the European Union.

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What people say?

Once Erasmus always Erasmus! One magical sentence which describes very well what is Erasmus all about! It is an eye-opening experience! It can change your life for the better! One project can teach you so much! It is all about the people you meet in the project, the unforgettable memories and all the adventure you share! Honestly, every youngster should deserve a chance to experience the Erasmus+ projects! If you have a chance the do not miss it!

Jemma Stone

Jurgita D.

The Danish Youth Team is an energetic and reliable team whose real aim is to help you and me and all youngsters in the way of our life. To get new skills, broaden our experiences and of course have lots of fun around the world. Based on my experience their intention with these projects is really to give the possibilities to youngsters to grow. I love these projects because after these I always feel like I’ve become more and a better person.

Zsófia P.

Zsófia P.

Opportunity you don’t want to miss, thanks to Erasmus+ program! Everyone knows about lifelong learning but just a few talking about the “how-s” of it. Erasmus plus is one of the best tools according to my opinion and The Danish Youth Team is one of the organizations that can make this happen. Amazing atmosphere, lovely people, new friends – What else do you need? 

Stella Alba

Alex M.


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