Upcoming Projects



Naples, Italy

1-8th August

Youth against radicalization

“Youth against radicalization” is a youth exchange involving young people from 5 countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain and Romania from 16 to 24 years old who will meet in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy, from 1st to 8th August 2019.

The need of the project lays on the fact that in last few years in Europe we observe increasing number of young people being drawn into extremist movements in their search for identity and a meaningful place in society.

Profound feelings of injustice and frustration about their social exclusion are amongst the main root causes contributing to young people; vulnerability, and increase their willingness to adhere to extremist, sometimes violent groups, which offer an apparent social purpose to them.



The main objectives of the exchange are:

– Raising awareness of the issue of extremism and radicalization of young people and the role of young people in preventing them;

– analyzing and realizing the key factors that can lead to the radicalization of young people such as discrimination, hate speech, xenophobia;

– to help young people understand the process of forced radicalization with different roots, causes, stages and effects, thus helping to reduce the risk of radicalization at European level;

– understand and be aware of the role of social media as a channel for spreading the language of hate and extremist ideologies and promoting media literacy;

– promoting a positive attitude, acceptance and understanding of “other and different”, and in particular refugees and migrants;

– to help young people better understand what hate speech is and the link to extremism.

– promoting the European values of democracy, respect for human rights, diversity,

intercultural dialogue.


In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to raise participants’ awareness about the importance of countering hate speech and radicalist behaviour;

-to facilitate the process of exchanging personal experiences through non-formal education activities connected to art in general

-to familiarize youngsters with the concept of tolerance and solidarity.


Kljuc, Bosnia & Herzegovina

7-16th August

Make art, not walls

Radicalization in all different shapes and sizes gets often overlooked in today’s world. Often do people close their eyes to the sight of something unpleasant. Probably because of that thought that just you, just one person can’t do much, or maybe you don’t know what the actual solution might be, or for any other reason.

Wouldn’t it be a small step forward for humanity to encourage a group of young people to think about what they can do to make a change towards the better, to put their minds into the topic, to share all sorts of ideas for a better world together, and implement some of them?


The goal of this youth exchange would be exactly that, starting from understanding the terms of radicalization, discrimination, racism, nationalism, and so on, through sharing experiences and ideas with a touch of art, the most versatile way of making a point and letting your voice be heard.

 In the end, all of the gained knowledge will be brought to the streets via street theater and a photo exhibition. We hope to be a domino piece falling onto another that will make the one after it move, and in that way do our part in making the world a little better place to live in, because in the same moment we are having an inverse situation happening in the same time that the radical acts are overlooked, the radicalized themselves get overlooked, leading to confusion, feeling of isolation and loneliness which is making them, so to say, an easy target to radicalized groups that present themselves as a place where you can easily fit in and satisfy the need of socializing, but with a controversial ideology behind it.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to raise participants’ awareness about the importance of tolerance;

-to facilitate the process of exchanging personal experiences through non-formal education activities connected to art in general

-to familiarize youngsters with art as a form of expressing themselves.



26th August-3rd September

Spread the word, sing with us!

This project encourages young people to use music as a tool to express themselves and their ideas. The participants will go through a series of non-formal based activities.

The activities will take participants back in time and allow them to grasp how music developed through the years and peek into the influence of music within their daily lives. Participants will craft their own instruments and use them to take part in an international jamming session. The crafted instruments will allow ALL participants to be able to take part in the jamming and perform with the others for the rest of the project regardless if they have any prior musical skills. 


Participants will explore the concept of a cover song, after which they will prepare, rehearse and perform some of the timeless classics in their own style. International bands will be formed according to interest (musical genre, topics willing to address) and the participants will write down their own lyrics and melody and put them together into author songs. These songs will address current European issues viewed through the eyes of participants. After a lot of rehearsing, the bands will do a public performance followed by a jamming session of an open character. 

The project will culminate with a street performance in Luxembourg city, 21 June, where the young people will hit the streets of Luxembourg and do a series of street performing to celebrate ‘Fete de la musique’ together with local musician and music enthusiasts. 

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to raise participants’ understanding and knowledge in the field of music;

-to facilitate the process of exchanging personal experiences through non-formal education activities connected to music in general;

-to familiarize youngsters with music as a form of expressing themselves.

Bakuriani, Georgia

24th August-1st September

H.R.A.C – On human rights across cultures

The project will collect and share experience and best practices at the national, regional and European levels. After the project, participants will have learned methods and specific techniques, enabling them to train youth to be individuals, who are able to contribute to settling the rules in society, supervise that they are
observed and undertake responsibility for being a citizen. This project will promote that partner countries develop their prosperous societies where every person is respected.

Human rights education is defined as the learning process that builds up the required knowledge, values, and proficiency of human rights of which the objective is to develop an acceptable human rights culture.
According to Amnesty International, Human Rights Education (HRE) is a way to empower people so that they can create skills and behavior that would promote dignity and equality within the community, society, and all over the world. 

As Europe has become culturally diverse as a result of migration, how human rights are taught in intercultural societies is of utmost importance. It is necessary, that youth are enabled to develop a respect for their own cultural identity and values of others. Most common approach towards HRE is dogmatic, but different cultures interpret human rights in different ways.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

  • To increase participating youth workers’ competencies on how to approach cultural
    diversity while teaching human rights.
  • To empower young people to be responsible citizens, educators and advocates for
    human rights.
  • To give youth possibility to make a direct influence and contribute to social change for a better society.
  • To share best practices on preventing discriminative, violent and radical behaviours
    among young people.
  • To develop a network of like-minded individuals and organizations ready to cooperate
    on future projects related to human rights and intercultural learning.
  • To develop a concrete plan for follow-up projects and local activities focusing on
    human rights in an intercultural context.


Agros, Cyprus

13-21st September


“DE.MO.CR.A.CY.” is a multilateral Youth exchange that will organized in Agros Cyprus between 13-21 September 2019 and will include 40 participants from Denmark, Moldova, Croatia, Armenia and Cyprus. The main reason why we would like to carry out this Youth Project is that we believe the youth generation is the main driving force for positive changes for the better democratic Society, and Youth Policy is one of the most important prerequisites for it. 


We would like to implement a project which aims to achieve the following:

– Promote and encourage youth for active participation among the European society;

– Make participants understand a concrete point of view of what EU is doing for citizens;

– Support young people in finding their role in society, by giving them instruments and a clear understanding of their opportunities;

– Encourage young people to take concrete actions in the defense of their rights, duties, and role in the present and future of Europe;

– Foster active youth participation, helping young people to become agents of positive change in their society and in Europe.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

– Develop a better understanding of the concepts of democracy, citizenship and participation;

– Fight ignorance on European Union, Euroscepticism and sharing a positive attitude towards EU and Europeanism;

– Increase the awareness among young people on social issues the EU is facing;

– Explore the concept of youth participation in a broad sense and raise awareness on the importance of young people’s active participation

Strumica, Macedonia

14-23rd September

AgroYouth – 3rd Edition

There is a growing concern worldwide that young people have distance themselves from agriculture and thus engaging youth in agriculture has been moved to the top on the development agenda. In rural areas where agriculture is likely to provide the main source of income the number of young people rapidly decreases. Currently around the world we’re living in an era where rapid urbanization has led to a decline in rural populations and for the first time ever the majority of the world’s population lives in a city.


• to talk about rural development & agriculture, food production and exchange best practice and opportunities for growth in our own villages/communities/areas;

• to talk about becoming self-employed farmers;

• to enable them develop their own viable agribusinesses for increase of agriculture production;

• to work on development of 6 pilot agribusiness plans and to train youth in processing, marketing and consultancy in various areas of agricultural production

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

• to develop a brochure with developed pilot agribusiness with the aim to promote agriculture among young people;

• to allow youth coming from rural areas meet each other, learn about cultures and through this promote European Diversity;

• to teach youngsters on how jar food can be developed as a business (35 youngsters will produce kompot and marmalade and will place the product on the market in Strumica thus will learn how income can be generated.

generated through this kind of food production).

Berlin, Germany

18-29th September


EnCourage is an 10-day action-oriented Youth Exchange aiming at mobility and social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. Through a variety of activities embedded in the archetypal story pattern of “The Hero’s Journey” the participants will create their own vision for their personal Hero’s Journey.


The program integrates approaches, methods and exercises from various fields. The participants will collect experiences through the levels: mind, emotions and body – in order to create a holistic experience. 

EnCourage gives a playground where participants can experience, reflect and improve their personal and intercultural competences with a focus on cultural awareness and social responsibility.


In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to improve participants’ intercultural competences

-to facilitate the process of exchanging personal experiences through non-formal education activities;

-to increase openness to unknown;

-to help participants get self-confidence and determination.



For any further information feel free to send us an email. Our team is here to help!