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24th February – 3rd March

From participant to leader: one step closer to youth exchanges

The main goal of the ‘From participant to leader – one closer to youth exchanges’; project is to train 22 future leaders of youth groups during youth exchanges implemented under the Erasmus + program and equip them with competences to be leaders who will activate young people and encourage taking responsibility for the learning process during a mobility

The training is aimed at equipping young people who want to be the leader of the youth in a partner organization, with competences such as: – creating a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere; analysis of participants’ needs; motivating participants; delegation of tasks; strengthening youth; interpersonal and leadership skills; communication skills; intercultural learning; presentation skills; facilitation skills (conducting workshops); how to deal with stress, conflicts; organizational and leadership skills; group creation; ensuring safety during the exchange project; time management – the selection of these competences results from the analysis of needs analysis made by our organization in which partner organizations took part.

The training of youth workers in Jastrzębia Góra has the following specific objectives:

-training of 22 competent youth leaders who will carry out together with young people from partner

-educational organisations and youth exchange projects equip participants with knowledge on the formal aspects of youth exchanges in the Erasmus + program

-to increase openness to unknown

-provide space to create new ideas for valuable youth exchange projects with clear educational objectives for young people

Agros, Cyprus

28 February – 7th March

Youth 4 Climate Action NOW

The main focus of the Youth exchange, will be environmental protection and raising awareness about sustainable development through voluntary action. The aim is to raise awareness about environmental issues and explore the possibilities to act toward sustainable living culture. It is a project aimed to develop among young participants from 8 different countries the importance of being in direct contact of nature to develop healthy lifestyle for themselves thanks to open-air activities .

The aim of the project is to develop an eco-way of thinking and eco-habits, useful to create a better daily life and to start to think their own green-entrepreneurship future thanks to meeting with experts, role games, workshops, discussions, debates about topics as ecology, generation awake, recycling, environment, sustainable development and giving a big importance to topics as green economy and eco-citizenship and taking part in volunteering actions. Also, to reserve the environmental resources as primary source of health of the Earth and to preserve our future.

To get achievable results out of project, we have developed following objectives:
– To build knowledge of project participants on Climate Change science with theoretical and
practical opportunities to live more environmentally friendly (causes, consequences, impacts on
local and global level, eco- friendly living).
– To empower participants with the competences to address community environmental needs
through campaign.
– To encourage participants to further use a social media and youth portals to promote eco-friendly lifestyle and empower them to multiply competencies gained during the Youth Exchange in their local communities by spreading outputs of the project (project video, press releases, photos and etc.)
– To promote youth interactions, networking and partnerships


Boldești-Scăeni, Romania

12  – 22nd March


The GeNquality (GenQ) project of D.G.T. aims to raise awareness about gender inequality and gender discrimination for an equal society where any individual, despite gender or sexual orientation is included. The project aims to include participants aged 18-30 from Denmark, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain that have been facing difficulties in the society based on their gender or appartenance to the LGBTI+ community and had been victims of discrimination or social bullying or had been excluded from society, educational system and family.

The activities of the project are accessible to every participant as nonformal learning methods are used. The project is regarding the issues of gender discrimination and gender inequality participants being highly involved in activities that require imagination and creativity and are encouraged and stimulated to transform their ideas into actions. 

To get achievable results out of project, we have developed following objectives:
– To build knowledge of project participants on LGBTI + community 
– To empower participants with the competences to address community issues and
further actions.
– To encourage participants to further use a social media and youth portals to reduce hate speech towards LGBTI+ community

– empower them to multiply competencies gained during the Youth Exchange in their local communities by spreading outputs of the project (project video, press releases, photos and etc.)

– To promote youth interactions, networking and partnerships

Bansko, Bulgaria

9th  – 16th March

​Circular economy in the youth work

By transferring knowledge, skills and competences to the youth workers in the circular economy, we will strengthen the role of youth NGOs in managing food waste and in ensuring greener environment. Moreover, the youth workers will be transmitting the knowledge to young people afterwards and raising awareness on the topic and engaging youth to be multipliers themselves.

The main aim of this training course is to equip youth workers with the skills and knowledge needed for the development of innovative programs in circular economy and being able to engage youth to re-think the economic system they are experiencing every day. 

Also, we would like to raise awareness on the youth NGOs across Europe about their role in promoting circular economy approach and engage more organizations to be active in the field thus to help in achieving greener environment, limit the food waste in the EU thus affect positively the climate change.  

– To raise awareness and understanding of circular economy and its benefits over a traditional linear economy for more brighter future of the EU
– To equip youth workers with knowledge and overview on the EU circular economy policies and practices.
– To promote prevention and present new methods of waste recovery.
– To empower youth workers to engage youth and advocate for greener environment without producing waste, following a circular economy approach.
– To increase the environmental awareness of youth workers and create campaigns to get the message to young people and stakeholders.
– To give platform for youth workers to share best practices among themselves in regards to
transmitting environmental awareness to young people


Thessaloniki, Greece

8th  – 14th April

Social Integration through Sports

This project aims to develop skills and competences of youngsters from different backgrounds and different countries (Denmark, Finland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Hungary) and to increase their knowledge on using sport as a tool for social inclusion. With the realization of the project we also aim to support youngsters to take an active role and become youth leaders in their local communities and demonstrate positive development avenues for their young peers.

The main goals of this project are to fight against prejudices and discrimination of disadvantaged young people through sports while improving their soft skills and knowledge and creating positive atmosphere fostering inclusion, active citizenship and participation.

– To raise awareness and understanding of disadvantage young people limitations
– To equip youngsters with knowledge and overview on sport as a tool for social inclusion 
– To promote  and present new methods of creating a more cohesive and inclusive European society.


Torremolinos, Spain

5th  – 12th May

Way to go, E-commerce!

Consumer shopping habits have changed drastically over the last few years thanks to the explosion of e-commerce and now consumers can shop from anywhere and at any time. They no longer have to wait until store hours to make a purchase. E-commerce has brought the shopping experience to their fingertips via computers and mobile devices, completely changing the way consumers shop.

The training course “Way to go, E-commerce!” project will provide youth workers with more specialized knowledge on e-commerce tools applied to youth entrepreneurship.

The main goal of this training course is to present new setting of skill beneficial for youth digital skills development and entrepreneurship.

Young people without ICT competences cannot exploit the potential offered by e-commerce and all this is also certified by studies of EU commission which highlights how although 9 in 10 jobs in the future will demand digital skills, 44% of Europeans are still lacking even basic digital skills. Consequently, interfacing e-commerce with youth entrepreneurship presents a critical opportunity to foster growth and jobs as well as to reduce the digital skills shortage.

– To raise awareness and understanding of digital development
– To equip youngsters with knowledge and overview on entrepreneurship in the virtual world
– To promote  and present methods of creating modern, up to date campaigns for reaching the potential audience. 

Orta Nova, Italy

22nd  – 29th May

Making the future!

This project is strongly linked to Erasmus+ as it relates to improving the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as promoting participation in democratic life in Europe and active citizenship, at intercultural MAKING THE FUTURE dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity.

• Stimulate young people to work on their personal development; 

• Support young people to find their role in society, receive their tools and a clear understanding of their opportunities; 

• Encourage young people to take actions and decisions in their lives and for their future; 

• Promote the active participation of young people, helping young people to become agents of positive change in their society and in Europe; 

• Develop a better understanding of the concepts of society, citizenship and participation;

• Increase the visibility of young people on European Union programs and other international opportunities. 

Our objectives are in line with the EU communication line, in which they propose a renewed commitment to supporting young people: better opportunities for access to employment, through education and training, access to mobility. 


For any further information feel free to send us an email. Our team is here to help!