Upcoming Projects

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Borgo Incoronata, Italy

28th June – 5th July

Making the future

This project aims to improve the level of key competences and skills of young people, including those with fewer opportunities, as well as promoting participation in democratic life in Europe and active citizenship, at intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity.


Thessaloniki, Greece

3-10th July

Social Inclusion through sports

Social inclusion is very important nowadays, especially among youngsters with fewer opportunities. Therefore, this youth exchange brings together youths from Denmark, Findland, Hungary, Turkey and Greece in the hope to create awareness about the Erasmus+ programme and to integrate them in a multicultural environment through sports and outdoor activities.

Borgo Incoronata, Italy

20-26th July


The topics that we would like to address in this project are Soft skills development and Human Rights. How we can connect these two (seemingly) distant topics? Through the educational methodology of educational games, creativity and innovative methodology. Our focus will be given on effective communication, teamwork, creative thinking and problem-solving is increasing. Soft skills development can be effectively done through experiential learning with experience being a base for reflection, which is leading to development. Soft skills are developed through real life work and often developed through gaming techniques and methods.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

18-26th August

Spread the word, sing with us!

The objective of this project is to encourage young people to use music as a tool to express themselves and their ideas and it will also encourage the intercultural exchange. We will reach these objectives through series of non-formal based activities. The activities will take participants back in time and allow them to grasp how music developed through the years and peek into the influence of music within their daily lives. They will craft their own instruments from scratch and take part in an international jamming session where they will use the very same instruments. Those instruments will allow all participants to take part in the jamming and perform with the others for the rest of the project regardless if they have any prior musical skills, which we find very important to foster inclusion and cohesion within the group. 

Zaragoza, Spain

23-31st August

Eco-theater of the opressed

The project “ECO-Theatre of the Oppressed” is a Youth Exchange in the frame of Erasmus+ KA1, which aims to teach youngsters how to use Theater of the Oppressed as a tool for youths to get to compromises about sustainability and environmental care. The YE will be completed with workshops about scenography, body language and upcycling. Par􀆟cipants will develop sketches and create the scenography to do a public theater in the village

OnLine Course

E-learning Modules



E-entrepreneur team would like to invite you to take an online course via MOODLE platform which aims to provide you with specialized knowledge on e-commerce tools and technologies.

The course contains four modules that cover important topics in relation to e-commerce, digital approaches and youth entrepreneurship.

Learners are asked to pass a 10-question quiz at the end of each module, for a total of four quizzes. Quiz questions are based on the information contained in the corresponding module.

Certificate: Each learner who passes the four quizzes, reaching a 60% of right answers in every quiz, will receive a Certificate of Completion.

E-entrepreneur is a long-term KA2 strategic partnership in the field of youth approved by Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Progamme of the European Union.

Neihaischen, Luxembourg

1-8th Dec

Let’s play together: Inclusion through childhood games

This project will bring more than 35 youngsters from 6 countries (Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Denmark) to practice childhood games in a safe and controlled setting. The intention is to bring a different perspective of those childhood games and come to life-long conclusions on respect,  teamwork and inclusion in a funny and relaxed environment.

• Foster solidarity and tolerance, respect and mutual understanding, dialogue and cooperation between young people coming from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds.

• To promote the concept of teamwork, inclusion and reflection in group setup.

•  To empower participants to take a step back and be more aware of their actions and words towards others and this way become a better version of themselves.

•  To encourage young people to participate in the solutions for social hindrance, thus stimulating their prospective role as active citizens. 


For any further information feel free to send us an email. Our team is here to help!