Upcoming Projects



Gauja, Latvia

31st March – 7th

No one’s left OUT!



Despite growing numbers of young people and organizations that are involved in youth mobility projects all over Europe, there are still far too many that have never heard of such projects and never had the chance to get involved. So, with this project, we want to widen the “circle” of people who are benefitting from such youth projects and build the skills of new generation of youth leaders and youth workers to develop and manage youth exchanges.

The main idea of this project is bring together 26 people from 13 organizations who are relatively new to Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme, but want to find out more how YOUTH EXCHANGES work and develop some project idea that could be implemented. During 6 intensive working days participants will have the chance to meet partners for their projects and sit down and start working on a youth exchange project ideas that would involve the young people from their organization/youth centre/community.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the project’s general objectives are:

– Understanding own motivation to be involved as a youth leader/coordinator in YE

– Awareness about needs and interests of young people, especially INCLUSION needs of so called marginalized young people

– Knowing better how Erasmus+ – Youth exchanges work and how to develop good quality projects that could get approved

– Meeting project partners and building trust

– Developing concrete youth exchanges – formulating idea, developing programme, writing it down in the application and receiving feedback in order to improve it

– Agreeing on further plan in order to submit the application for next deadline and implement the YE


Orta Nova, Italy

1-8th April

Not just another graffiti on the wall

With this project we want to combine several factors, such as: creating awareness on hate speech, spreading the message of defending Human Rights, boosting creativity and  giving young people instruments fighting against hate speech.

The problem about hate speech is that most of the people are not aware of what it is, that is why we with this project we want to combat ignorance and take a concrete steps in making young people (and the citizens affected by the project) understand what can be done against the spread of this negative phenomenon.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the project’s general objectives are:

■ fight ignorance on Hate Speech and its consequences among the local community;

■ encourage young people to take concrete actions in the defense of Human Rights;

■ support young people in finding instruments, boosting their knowledge and awareness on what institutions do on the subject;

■ foster active youth participation, helping young people to become agents of positive change in their society and in Europe;

■ develop a better understanding of the concepts of democracy, citizenship and participation.


Perloja, Lithuania

7-16th May

In the mirror

We have noted that nowadays youngsters lack certain skills, such as critical
thinking, confidence and pro-activeness whenever trying to achieve something in their social or professional life. They also tend to be passive when it comes to decision making and therefore do not foresee bright future and tend to passively wait for whatever comes to their life’s. 

This youth exchange will try to motivate the youngsters to take initiative and pursue their dreams by stepping out of their comfort zone.

This youth exchange aims to improve dialogue between different cultures, religions, and to promote diversity, foster inclusion of youth and young refugees. In addition it will enhance critical thinking of youngsters which would lead to the pro activeness and sense of initiative.

1. We will understand more about stereotypes and know how to overcome it with critical thinking;

2. Also, more knowledge about discrimination, tackling the issue of IDP’s and refugees, understand its roots;

3. We will become more culturally competent and understand the components of diversity;

4. We will understand coaching approach, be able to use it in the daily life;

5. We will also improve sense of initiative through inclusion to daily life activities such as cooking, cleaning, organizing free time space in evenings, leading various sessions and workshops;


Orta Nova, Italy

15-22nd May

DIY, Plastic Goodbye!

Plastic has a huge impact on the world’s environment. Therefore, through this Erasmus+ youth exchange we want to raise awareness about this topic among the youth generation. Through non-formal education and practical workshops we plan to teach youngsters to recycle and upcycle plastic materials.

This youth exchange aims to raise awareness about the importance of recycling plastic and its impact on the environment. In the same time, we want to stimulate youngsters to take action against plastic waste in their local communities.

• to increase the awareness among young people on the damages of plastic use; 

• activate young people to take actions for the Environment; 

• to make  young people understand about the empowerment strategies for becoming change agents in their respective societies; 

 • to understand how creativity can be used to take actions for a positive change; 

• to improve the level of key competences and skills of youth addressed by the Youthpass; 

• to grow the sense of awareness in young people about the multiple forms of culture, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity from all ways and forms of communication; 

• to promote the Intercultural Learning through non formal education.


Bedsted Thy, Denmark

18-26th June

SOS- Sustainable-oriented solutions for youths

By taking part in this project, young people will gain profound knowledge on the topic, become aware of their own consumption habits, learn from each other and come up with creative and innovative approaches on how to reduce their ecological footprint and live sustainable. The foregoing activities will contribute to reaching the specific objective of Erasmus+ programme, as the project will make participants conscious of current unsustainable trends, stimulate their active citizenship and participation, as well as increase their tolerance towards cultural differences. Young people will be encouraged to take the initiative in searching for solutions to the identified problems and work together on future projects.


This youth exchange is intended to deliver a better understanding of the concept of environmental, economic and social sustainability within the society. The main focus will be on developing sustainable-oriented solutions that can be implemented in our daily lives.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to raise participants’ understanding and knowledge on the concept of sustainable development and its environmental, economic, social and cultural dimensions,

-to facilitate the process of exchanging personal experiences through peer to peer learning and country realities on sustainable development among young people,

-to empower young people to participate actively in civil society to foster sustainable development,


Bedsted Thy, Denmark

27th June – 5th July

SustainAbility, they key to future


“SustainAbility, they key to future” is a youth exchange taking place in Denmark, gathering 42 youngsters from Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and Cyprus. It is intended to deliver a better understanding of the concept of environment, economic and social sustainability within the society.

The main theme of this project is Sustainable Development, particularly the topics such as the ecology and recycling techniques in European countries, climate change, Renewable Energy Technologies, healthy lifestyle, Erasmus+ programme, cultural diversity and tolerance will be discussed having a complementary role. It is aimed to raise understanding of young people and consequently increasing their interest to get involved and motivate their peers to participate in environmental protection and agitate healthy life in their countries.

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to encourage participants to live sustainable in their everyday life through critically reflecting on their daily choices and consumption habits;

-to highlight the long-term importance of sustainability in our society;

-to foster intercultural learning and dialogue among participants;

-to increase participants’ knowledge of Erasmus+ programme and introduce its funding opportunities to be used for promoting sustainable development locally and internationally.



Craiova, Romania

10-16th July

European Union Volunteers for Inclusion


“European Union Volunteers for Inclusion”” is a contact making seminar taking place in Romania, gathering 28 youth workers from Netherlands, Croatia, Turkey, France, Denmark, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece and Portugal.  It is intended to facilitate cooperation and partnership among youth workers from all across Europe.

The seminar will aim to facilitate international contacts and projects between partner associations. It will also aim to familiarize participants with the changes that occur during this period with European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and will detail all the tools and phases of such a project. 

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

– establishing a network of 14 accredited EVS organizations with the help of youth workers who will coordinate local activities with disadvantaged young people

– developing with the youth workers 5 Erasmus + project plans, projects involving disadvantaged young people from local partner communities until the end of the project

– equipping the 28 youth workers with key competences and specific competences (coordination of the volunteer team, mediation, volunteer training, etc.) needed to develop a successful international volunteer project.

Aarhus, Denmark

25th July – 3rd August

Youngsters, a bridge for a better Europe


“Youngsters, a bridge for a better future”” is a youth exchange taking place in Denmark, gathering 42 youngsters from Denmark, Poland, Italy, Greece, Romania, Latvia and Cyprus. It is intended to deliver a better understanding of the EU values together with active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

With this youth exchange we aim to gather together youngsters from different cultures, backgrounds as we believe that young people are the ground of the community we live in. We are estimating that this project will help to change attitudes and behaviors of young people towards diversity and discrimination and encourage adults to recognize the value that young people’s contributions bring to society at local, national and international levels. Through the exchange, the participants will understand that their differences are enrichment for all of them, and that all of them are part of the common idea of European Identity. 

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

• Foster solidarity and tolerance, respect and mutual understanding, dialogue and cooperation between young people coming from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds;

• Prevent the negative impact of discriminatory action, fighting against exclusion and marginalization of young people with fewer opportunities;

• Encourage young people to participate in the solutions for social hindrance, thus stimulating their prospective role as active citizens;

• Calibrate the understanding of the European values and the freedom of movement;

• Highlighting the connection between European citizenship, human rights, democracy and intercultural learning, together with the underlying values.



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